Super House Of Dead Ninjas

Category: Adventure

Game Info: Super House Of Dead Ninjas

Return to the Ziggurat of Infinum! Play as the mysterious heroine, Crimson Ninja, and traverse the treacherous tower where few enter and none survive. She’s got all the slashing, slicing and bombing of the original House of Dead Ninjas plus a whole new arsenal of tricks up her ninja robe. Expect more deadly weapons, vicious enemies and fast-paced action! What drives the Crimson Ninja to risk her life in the tower? What is she looking for? Play this epic sequel to House of Dead Ninjas to find out!

Speed is the name of the game; if your timer runs out, you’re as good as dead.
Collect your shuriken after you’ve thrown it to make sure you’re never without the right weapon for the job.
Collect your thrown shuriken to ensure weapon readiness.
Try out each weapon as you unlock it to find the best combination to suit your play style.
As you unlock weapons, try them out to find your strongest playing style.

How to Play:

keyboard. Press the Z key to stab with your sword. The X key throws a shuriken. The C key throws a bomb; hold down C to throw bombs further. The Space Bar activates your magic ability. Use the arrow keys to run and jump. Press Up while in the air to double jump. Hold the Down arrow to duck; jump after ducking to super jump. Tap the Down arrow while midair to execute a downward slash.

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